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As leader in industrial & architectural acoustical products, we offer multiple ways for architects, consultants and engineers to learn about noise control.  Through AEC Daily, we offer a continuing education course that educates about noise control applications for industrial & architectural environments.  We also offer in-person training lunch & learns and a monthly webinar series.

Online: Noise Control Products for Industrial & Architectural Applications

Unwanted sound can become more than a mere annoyance. Excess noise has been found to increase stress and distraction, reduce learning and productivity, and even lead to hypertension and permanent hearing loss. This course presents an overview of how sound is described and measured and discusses the many industrial and architectural products available to control noise in virtually any environment.

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CEU Information:
AIA/CES Info: Course# AEC1005
AIA/CES Learning units: 1.00
AIA approved course.
This course qualifies for 1.0 LU/HSW Hour.

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Webinar: Noise Control Utilizing Volume Resonators

Rooms constructed with hard flat surfaces are prone to encounter problematic noise. Even at low levels, noise annoyances will affect the acuity of wanted sound such as music or speech and cause confusion and anxiety. Environments maintaining prolonged mid-power or even brief durations of high-power noise levels may lead to human health and well being issues. This presentation will explore the historic development and use of cavity resonators as an acoustically-responsive design solution to control adverse noise propagated within hard surfaced enclosures.

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Presented by: Sound Seal

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