Noise Barrier Composites

Sound Seal manufactures two types of Noise Barrier Composites, the Barrier Septum Composite (BSC) and the Barrier Backed Composite (BBC).

What's the Difference?


BSC products are ideally suited as acoustical liners.

They feature a non-reinforced loaded vinyl noise barrier septum (middle) between layers of quilted fiberglass. The fiberglass acts as a decoupler, while the outer layers absorb sound.

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BBC products are rugged, pliable and make ideal wraps or acoustical jackets.

They feature a reinforced loaded vinyl noise barrier with a quilted fiberglass sound absorber. The fiberglass decouples the barrier, enhancing acoustical performance.

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Sound Absorber & Noise Barrier in One



Sound Seal noise barrier composites offer maximum noise reduction by combining a sound absorber and noise barrier in one.

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Typical applications include acoustical liners, jackets and wraps, curtain panels, bound or un-bound rolls and die-cut pieces.



Flexible composites can form to any shape, and are fire safe and low smoke emissions per ASTM E-84, Class 1.

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Decibel Examples

When trying to enclose a piece a machinery, most people will know they want it "quieter," but can't put into acoustical terms the end result (or decibel reduction) they want to achieve. With our audio examples, you can actually hear the decibel differences compared to static pink noise.

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Pink Noise

An example of a randomized static pink noise. Pink noise uses deeper sounds and lower sound waves.

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3 dB

Just perceptible. 3dB reduction has a 18% reduction in the perceived volume and yet is just barely perceptible to the human ear.

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6 dB

Noticeable. 6dB reduction has a 34% reduction in the perceived volume and is very noticeable to the human ear.

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10 dB

Double/Halving. 10dB reduction has a 50% reduction in the perceived volume and sounds half as loud to the human ear.

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20 dB

Much more/less. 20dB reduction has a 75% reduction in the perceived volume and most noticeable to the human ear.

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Case Studies

Portland Museum of Art

Portland Museum of Art

A 20 dB(A) reduction was achieved after the installation of BSC-25 around an air conditioner unit.

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Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company

BSC-25 curtains helped contain noise between bays, decreasing employee noise exposure by 8 dB(A).

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