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CeraZorb For Hardwood
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CeraZorb® For Wood Floors

Designed Specifically For Installation Beneath Engineered Hardwood, Stiff-Core LVT/LVP and Waterproof Floor Applications.

CeraZorb is a specially designed closed-cell bead foam with outstanding energy absorption, high strength to weight ratio and 100% recyclability. It will not rot, swell or absorb water. It is environmentally friendly, anti-microbial and contains no Formaldehyde. CeraZorb is significantly lighter in weight than recycled rubber. At roughly 1/25th the density, it allows for considerably easier material handling on the job-site. It also allows for a substantial reduction in freight costs. A truckload of CeraZorb contains roughly four times that of a truckload of recycled rubber.

CeraZorb can be cut with typical floor installation tools, and can be double-glued with most any acrylic or urethane adhesive. Available in standard thicknesses of 3mm, 5mm, and 10 mm, this easy-to-install product is available in 4' x 4' cut sheets eliminating any concern for roll set curl. In 5 mm thickness, a 28 lb box contains material sufficient to cover 400 square feet.

CeraZorb yields Delta IIC numbers on a 6" slab from 21-23, depending on CeraZorb thickness and floor covering. Put simply, Impacta by Sound Seal has developed a superior underlayment solution to rubber that is easier to install, offers cost savings on both the product and transportation and meets the same performance expectations.

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Sound Seal, a leading manufacturer of noise control products serving the industrial, architectural, commercial and construction industries, announced today that they have acquired California based Lamvin Inc.