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WoodTrends Woodgrille

A traditional linear wall and ceiling product, WoodGrille combines the warmth of wood with excellent acoustical values. Both solid wood and veneered MDF are used to make the WoodGrille panels, which incorporate different blade sizes and spacing. WoodGrille is available in 12” wide by 8’ long sections with arrangements featuring four, six or eight blades per section – with a typical blade size of 1 1/2", 2", 2 1/2" or 3" thick. The standard finish is a clear satin lacquer. There are 24 standard and 40 custom veneers available, which allows for customization of the WoodGrille product to fit any design layout.
Dowel Design:
Typically incorporated into open plenum designs where the black dowel becomes a design element, the hardwood ( fixed ) or PVC (Flexible )dowel is sized to engage with our clip and hang from typical heavy duty 15/16" T-Grid. Blades are typically aligned in panels of 12" or 24" wide and up to 8" long. Arrangements of 4, 6, 8 or 10 blades per foot are standard, with the ability to access equipment above or behind the panels.

Backer Design:
Typically incorporated into ceiling designs where all equipment and structure above the finished ceiling is painted black, the black hardwood backer holds the blades securely while disappearing into the background of the black structure above.

Different acoustical materials can be utilized both above and behind the panels to garner different acoustical results

Standard species are the same as all WoodTrends Wood Ceiling and Wall Panels.

LEED Credit:
MR 4.1, MR 4.2, MR 7, EQ 4.4


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