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Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) - Sound Seal prides itself being in being a progressive company and is committed to promoting environmentally friendly products. Our Woodtrends wood veneered wall & ceiling panel line offers various options to accommodate this progressive thinking. The use of veneer itself, although not available for a LEED point as of this writing, is the most environmentally friendly use of a tree.

The use of veneer allows the greatest possible yield of useable wood from any given tree. The possible credits for our WoodTrends panels are as follows: dot Credit MR 4.1 - 5% Recycled content dot Credit MR 4.2 - 10% Recycled content dot Credit MR 6 - Renewable Resources - Bamboo veneer, a rapidly renewable grass, is available on our WoodTrends panel. dot Credit MR 7 - Certified Wood - Many of our available veneers are FSC certified dot Credit EQ 4.1- Low-Emitting Materials - WoodTrends uses a latex based adhesive. dot Credit EQ 4.4 - Low emitting Materials; Composite Wood - WoodTrends Panels are available with both a Class C & Class A fire rated MDF with no added urea-formaldehyde.
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