WoodTrends Gallery


WoodTrends Standard

Salem High School - WoodTrends Standard with Nano-Perf
Seattle City Hall - WoodTrends Standard Ceiling Panels
Columbia College - WoodTrends Standard Ceiling Panels
Middletown Toyota - WoodTrends Standard Ceiling Panels
Pittsburgh Aviary - WoodTrends Standard Wall & Ceiling Panels
Dickinson Hall - WoodTrends Standard Wall Panels with Custom Perforation
Grand Valley State University - WoodTrends Standard Wall Panels with Micro-Perf

WoodTrends Select

Detroit Public Library - WoodTrends Select Ceiling
UNC Image Research Building - WoodTrends Select Ceiling
North Las Vegas City Hall - WoodTrends Select Ceiling & Standard Wall Panels

WoodTrends TopLine

Pembroke Readiness Center - WoodTrends Topline in Caramel Bamboo Veneer
Amway Center - WoodTrends Topline for Wall with PS Perforation
NY State Police Academy - WoodTrends Topline for Walls
NC State James Hunt Library - WoodTrends TopLine Walls & WoodTrends Select Ceiling
Roosevelt Hall - WoodTrends Topline

WoodTrends WoodGrille

Casa D’Angelo Ristaurante - WoodTrends WoodGrille
Austin Chinese Church - WoodTrends WoodGrille
New Jersey Auditorium - WoodTrends WoodGrille & MicroPerf Wall Panels

WoodTrends Elite

Morton Arboretum - WoodTrends Elite
Trinity Lutheran Church - WoodTrends Elite Ceiling Tiles

WoodTrends Linear

Red Oak Brewery - WoodTrends Linear
Sowela College - Lake Charles LA