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Timbre Wood  Systems

Woodtrends Timbre is a genuine wood veneer wall or ceiling treatment utilizing a channeled chipboard core with grooves cut into the channels. Acoustic results will depend on the number of channels relieved by grooves.

Additional absorption, if required, is available by slotting the backside of the panels and back loading the panels with insulation. An overlap edge configuration (shiplap) provides a monolithic finished look. Method of installation is by gluing and nailing to furring strips. Woodtrends Timbre is built on a 24mm or 31 mm thick core material with a veneer thickness of.6mm, and is finished with 2 coats of UV activated poly-acrylate lacquer. WoodTrends Timbre is available in over 60 veneers.

* Class a Fire Rated Composite is Available on
Type 24/2 only
* NRC Values as High as .85
* Acoustical wood plank system for walls and ceilings
* Standard Plank Sizes: Type 31/1-23.8 X 98" and
Type 24/2-23.8" X 102"
* LEED Credits Available on all Woodtrends Panels
  Download Timbre 31-1  |  Download Timbre 24-2