Theater Board

Sound Quality Black Theater Board is a sound absorptive board that provides excellent acoustic performance by reducing reverberation.

Theater Board panels and tiles are made from lightweight, black-dyed acoustic fiberglass board and finished with a matte black fiberglass fabric. This offers a solution to building acoustic ceilings in any residential or commercial space where reverberation or reflected noise is an issue. 

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Benefits of Using Acoustic Theater Board

  • Eliminate Unwanted Ceiling Boundary Reflections
  • Control Excessive Room Reverberation
  • Eliminate Slap-Echo Between Parallel Floor And Ceiling Surfaces
  • Improve Signal-To-Noise Ratio For Listening, Recording, And Conversation
  • Simple Installation: Easily Cut To Size With A Utility Knife Or Shears
  • A Low-Cost Solution

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Acoustic Theater Board
Acoustic Theater Board on Ceiling

Where Can Theater Board Be Installed?

Residential and Commercial –any space where reverberation or reflected noise are an issue.

  • Home Theaters, Media Rooms.
  • Recording & Broadcast Studios.
  • Clubs, Restaurants, Entertainment Facilities.
  • Theaters & Performing Arts Spaces.
  • Can Be Used To Reduce Light Reflection Within A Room.

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