SuperFloor Acoustic Carpet Underlayment
SuperFloor Underlayment Application
SuperFloor Underlayment Application


Acoustic Underlayments for Carpet Flooring

SuperFloor acoustical carpet underlayment is a premium carpet pad designed for use under carpet and carpet tiles. Superfloor is different than any other carpet pad in the market today, and will maintain its integrity year after year.

Most carpet pads are made from foam or rubber and deteriorate very fast causing wear paths and wear spots in the carpet in areas of high traffic. SuperFloor is offered in glue down or traditional carpet tack installation and are designed to prolong the life of your carpet, while providing superior sound ratings for impact foot traffic noise.

Superfloor carpet pad underlayment is a 100% natural wood product made from recycled materials and can be installed under commercial carpet and is perfect for schools, classrooms and dormitories.

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Benefits of Using SuperFloor:

  • Excellent Sound Reducing performance for both commercial & residential carpet
  • Economical system that is easy & fast to install, reducing installation & labor costs
  • Environmentally friendly – bio degradable
  • Outstanding thermal qualities
  • Moisture & mold resistant
  • Extends life of carpet – will not collapse – maintains acoustic performance
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