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NY State Police Academy
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NY State Police Academy
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NY State Police Academy


WoodTrends Standard for Walls & Ceilings is a traditional wall panel product that combines the warmth of wood with excellent acoustical values. In its standard form, WoodTrends Standard is acoustically reflective; when perforated, it offers sound absorption. The product consists of a MDF core material with a face veneer and a rear balancing veneer. The applied finish is two coats of UV-polyacrylate clear lacquer for a natural and polished look.

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  • Class A fire rated, CARB2
  • Concealed mounting hardware
  • Multiple finish options available
  • Panel widths up to 4'
  • Panel lengths up to 10'

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New York State Police Academy

Photo Gallery - New York State Police Academy

The New York State Police Academy was originally constructed in 1967 with minimal concern around acoustic performance. The primary goal of this renovation was to use the full knowledge of acoustical design, materials and technology to create a space that users could enjoy for many years into the future.

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Micro & Nano Perforations


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