Impacta ProCurve Acoustic Underlayment
jumpax cp custom acoustic floor underlayment
Jumpax CP

Impacta® Specialty Acoustic Underlayments

Our specialty underlayments are custom designed for each application, we've designed custom products for mill buildings, under concrete & gypsum topping and dry screed applications.

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ProCurve Acoustic Underlayment

ProCurve® Acoustic Underlayment For Under Concrete & Screed Toppings.

Designed to reduce impact noise in the floor ceiling assembly, ProCurve underlayments are crush resistant, durable and offer high acoustic performance under concrete, screed or plywood topping.

ProCurve underlayment is available in standard thickness of 6mm, 8mm, and 17mm as well as custom thickness. ProCurve are effective at controlling both airborne & impact noise and can handle traffic loads up to 1025 lbs per sq ft. ProCurve Screed Insulation Mats achieve an Impact sound reduction value of ΔLw = 18 to 26 dB

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Jumpax CP

Dry Screed Floor Underlayment System.

Jumpax® CP is a dry levelling cement based screed underlayment system developed to be installed over lightweight wood frame construction in place of gypsum topping. Jumpax® CP consists of a top & bottom cement bonded panels that weighs 4 ¼ lb per sq ft and will increase the STC rating.

Jumpax® CP is an excellent alternative to gypsum based topping which can take up to 28 days to dry before flooring can be installed. Jumpax® CP allows for fast track installation in which most floors can be installed the same day. Jumpax® CP can be used in  combination with many floor coverings, including hardwoods, ceramic tiles; sheet vinyl, luxury vinyl tiles, cork, linoleum and rubber (resilient vinyl floors will require floor patch over seams).

For more information or samples please call us at 413-789-1770.

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Cerazorb LD

Sound Seal announced today the introduction of Cerazorb Low Density (LD) and Cerazorb High Density (HD) acoustical underlayments.