special acoustical masonry unit
Type RSR - Split Rib Unit
double sided acoustical masonry unit
6" A-1 - Double Sided Unit

Soundblox® - Special Applications

Soundblox for special applications include the 6" A-1 Double Sided Unit and the Type RSR Split Rib Unit.

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type rsr acmu

Type RSR - Split Rib

Split-Rib Units; wider slots flaring inward, incombustible fibrous fillers with metal speta in cavities. Graffiti resistant and attractive, these Soundblox units also offer sound diffusion properties.

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a-1 double sided acmu

6" A1/DBL - Double Sided

Originally designed for the New York City Transit Authority, the 6" A1 Double Sided Acoustical Masonry Unit has the unique ability to absorb noise from both the front and rear face shells. With a Noise Reduction Coefficient of .65 - .75, the 6" A1 Double Side can be the right choice for interior partitions where space is at a premium. Suggested applications include classrooms, music rooms and factories, in fact, any application where superior sound absorption is required and lower labor costs are desired.

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