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Sound Quality ® Acoustical Wall and Ceiling Panels by Sound Seal ® are designed to solve your acoustical needs while enhancing the aesthetic look of your space. With a variety of options to choose from including sizes, shapes, fabrics and colors it is easy to create the perfect solution for your reverberation sound problems. The S-2000 Standard Wall Panel provides the ultimate in acoustical performance with excellent NRC ratings as high as 1.15. They are available in four standard thicknesses: 1/2”, 1”, 1-1/2” and 2” with custom thickness available up to 4”. The S-2000 Panels are constructed with a 6-7# PCF rigid fiberglass absorber core. The edges are available in natural or chemically hardened and are available in 4 edge profiles. S-2000 panels are available in standard or custom-sizes (up to a maximum of 5’ X10’) with custom, designer or C.O.M fabric available.



*Schools / Universities
*Houses of worship
*Office spaces
*Theaters / Studios
*Conference Rooms


Guilford of Maine FR701 Style 2100 is the industry standard. Hundreds of approved decorative fabrics are also available from numerous manufacturers including, but not limited to: Guilford of Maine, Maharam, Design Tex and Knoll. Customers may also specify their own fabric, provided the material meets manufacturing requirements.


All panels are custom made with standard sizes up to 4’ x 10’ and custom sizes up to 5’ x 10’, with thickness ranging from ½” – 4' thick

Case Study: Architectural Ceiling Panels Quiet Mansion at Bald Hill.

Complete Line Of Acoustical Wall Panels

Chroma® Paintable Acoustical Panels

Chroma Paintable Panels Allow Designers The Flexibility To Blend In Or Stand Out When Adding Acoustic Treatment To A Space. Sound Quality® S-2100 panels with Chroma finish are the perfect solution where a traditional fabric finish is not desired.

pdf Chroma Sell Sheet

pdf Chroma Data Sheet

pdfChroma Ceiling Tiles Data Sheet

Inspire Art Custom Printed Wall Panels

The perfect acoustic and aesthetic solution for various interior noise reducing applications. These panels are available in standard or custom sizes. Printed on 100% polyester fabric,Inspire Art Panels are manufactured to the highest standards.

pdf Inspire Art Sell Sheet

S-2000 Standard Acoustical Panels

The S-2000 Wall Panel is manufactured to the highest standards and is specifically designed as a multi-purpose absorber panel that offers an economical way to resolve reverberant noise problems.

pdfS-2000 Data Sheet
wordS-2000 CSI Specification
wordS-2000 Acoustical Panel 1 inch CSI Specification
wordS-2000 Acoustical Panel 2 inch CSI Specification
pdf Mansion at Bald Hill Case Study

S-2100 High Impact Acoustical Panels

These panels are ideal for environments that combine the need for superior acoustical performance and resilience to high traffic areas. S-2100 Panels are constructed using a 6-7# rigid fiberglass absorber core laminated to 16#-20# PCF high-impact underlayment.

pdfS-2100 Data Sheet
wordS-2100 High Impact Panel 1 inch CSI Specification
wordS-2100 High Impact Panel 2 inch CSI Specification

S-2500 Sound Barrier Wall Panel

Manufactured specifically as a composite barrier/absorber panel that offers both superior absorption and noise blocking performance.

pdfS-2500 Data Sheet
wordS-2500 Sound Barrier Panel CSI Specification

S-3000 Reflective Wall Panel

Manufactured specifically as a flat reflector panel that offers sound reflection, the application for the S-3000 panels includes auditoriums, concert halls, churches and any where sound reflection is necessary to enhance the room acoustics.

pdfS-3000 Data Sheet
wordS-3000 Reflective Wall Panel Specification

S-3100 Tackable Wall Panel

Manufactured specifically as a tack panel and offers minimal sound absorption. Application for the S-3100 panels includes conference rooms, classrooms, offices and any area where low absorption and high tackability is required.

pdfS-3100 Data Sheet
wordS-3100 Tackable Wall Panel Specification

S-4000 High Abuse Acoustical Wall Panels

These panels are constructed using a high impact 1/16" thick perforated co-polymer underlayment laminated over a 1" or 2" thick 6-7 PCF fiberglass absorber core. The panels are fully wrapped in standard, custom or C.O.M. fabric.

pdfS-4000 Data Sheet
wordS-4000 High Abuse Wall Panel Specification

S-4100 Extreme Abuse Acoustical Wall Panels

Manufactured using a high impact fire rated perforated rigid PVC vinyl sheet with edges that are bent and welded to provide protection over the 1" or 2" fiberglass absorber.

pdfS-4100 Data Sheet
word S-4100 Extreme Abuse CSI Specification

Custom Panel Shapes

While our standard options include various squares and rectangles, our in house CNC capabilities allow us to push the limits of creativity with custom shapes.

pdfCustom Shapes Sell Sheet

Mounting Details
pdf EC-CLIP Ceiling Mounting Detail
pdf EC-CLIP Wall Mounting Detail
pdf EC-CLIP Wall Mounting Detail-2
pdf Impaling Clip Mounting Detail
pdf Rotofast Snap-On Mounting Detail
pdf Rotofast Standard Anchor Mounting detail
pdf How to Field Cut an Electrical Box Opening
pdf How to Field Cut Edge of Panel

Instructional Videos
vid Selecting Fabric for Acoustic Panels Pt 1

vid Selecting Fabric for Acoustic Panels Pt 2

vid Installation Instructions on how to hang a Wall Panel

Guilford of Maine
pdf Guilford of Maine #FR70
pdf Guilford of Maine Anchorage
Guilford of Maine Fabric Cleaning Instructions


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