Create An Improved Environment In Architectural Masonry Acoustics.

Soundcell's design innovation is your practical solution to effectively absorb problem noise, diffuse sound energy and more thoroughly capture flutter echo, standing waves and sound intensity annoyances - with style.

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Helmholtz Resonator Capture & Eliminate Noise

Soundcell utilizes a stacking, slot-type, Helmholtz volume resonator to achieve sound absorption at all frequencies. The 12½ unit offers an unmatched 100% average absorption efficiency at the 100-125-160-200 Hz frequency bandwidth. This low frequency absorption is invaluable in supplying sound control that cannot be captured by carpets, drapes, acoustical tiles and similar items.

Standing Wave


Resonant Frequencies Control Room Resonance

A typical square room design with parallel surfaces supports standing waves (notes and noises are sustained louder and longer) at frequencies which are determined by the size of the room. The fundamental resonant frequencies associated with room dimensions fall primarily in the bass (low frequency) range and give the building space a "boomy" quality. Soundcell does not produce opposite parallel surface planes and has an effective 1.2 absorption coefficient at the difficult-to-treat 125 Hz octave band to control the standing wave - resonant frequency effect.



Improve Sound Quality

Diffusion is the random reflection and dispersion of the sound path after striking irregular shaped surfaces and reliefs. Many rooms utilizing flat, exposed masonry promote sound 'bounce' and problematic reflections. Soundcell improves the quality and nature of sound by providing desirable diffusion with its innovative grid and impressed form.

Flutter Echo


Arrest Sound Annoyance

Flutter echo is characterized by discrete replications of the original source sound between two highly sound reflective surfaces more than 30 feet apart. Often heard as a high frequency 'ringing' or 'buzzing', it can be an annoyance to speech intelligibility as well as confusing to the ear. Flutter can be reduced by skewing walls as little as one inch to one foot (1:12). Soundcell has 77% of its surface area skewed to a (3:12) ratio in order to arrest this flutter echo annoyance.

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