soundproof wood walls
UNC Image Research Building
WoodTrends on Ceiling
UNC Image Research Building
soundproof wood ceiling
UNC Image Research Building


WoodTrends Select is a genuine wood veneered concealed grid ceiling panel system. Installed on typical z-bar, WoodTrends Select creates a continuous ceiling with panels defined by a small 2mm bevel on all edges. This system can be designed to complement casework, doors, and even furniture.

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  • Class A fire rated, CARB2
  • MDF Core
  • Standard sizes of 2'x2' | 2'x4' | 1'x6'
  • Custom sizes available

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Download Specification - Exterior Grade

Finishes & Perforations

Custom staining is available, or choose from the 24 standard and 40 custom veneers that are offered. State-of-the-art CNC machinery produces the selection of perforation, slot, or groove patterns that achieve NRC values as high as .90. Where design dictates that the product be void of perforations, reflective panels are also available.

UNC Imaging Research Building

Photo Gallery - UNC Image Research Building

This project incorporates one thousand seven hundred and thirty square feet of WoodTrends Select, maple veneered acoustical ceiling panels and seven thousand seven hundred and fifteen square feet of plain sliced Select steamed beech veneered ceiling panels. The project consists of many individual ceiling locations, as opposed to one large ceiling. 

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Micro & Nano Perforations


Click on any pattern to view full details.

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