acoustical wall panel theater
S-4200 Application In Theater
acoustical wall panel recording studio
S-4200 Application In Recording Studio
acoustical wall panel orchestra
S-4200 Application In Orchestra
acoustical wall panel music room
S-4200 Application In Music Room
acoustical wall panel
S-4200 1-inch
acoustical wall panel
S-4200 1-inch & 2-inch

S-4200 Tuned Absorber/Diffuser Panel

With their impressive blend of sound absorption and sound diffusion, S-4200 Panels are a prime choice for schools, auditoriums, studios and performance halls. It is the first panel in the Sound Quality line that can effectively scatter sound throughout a space as well as offer excellent sound absorption across a wide range of frequencies for proper room tuning.

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S-4200 Composition

Constructed of a fiberglass core that can vary from 1” thick up to 4” thick along with a perforated 1/8” thick hardboard.

Available Sizes:

  • Standard sizes in 2 foot increments up to 4 ft. x 10 ft.
  • Available Thicknesses: 1-1/8” | 2-1/8” | 3-1/8 | 4-1/8”
  • Additional custom sizes available

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  • Excellent low & mid range frequency absorption
  • Various mounting options
  • Chemically hardened edges

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  • Schools /Classrooms
  • Auditoriums
  • Media & Multi-Purpose Rooms
  • Churches
  • Home Theaters
  • Pro Theaters
  • Performance Halls
  • Band & Choir Rooms
  • Studios


Guilford of Maine FR701 Style 2100 is the industry standard. Hundreds of approved decorative fabrics are also available from numerous manufacturers including, but not limited to: Guilford of Maine, Maharam, Design Tex and Knoll. Customers may also specify their own fabric, provided the material meets manufacturing requirements. 

Select a fabric & order samples from one of our manufacturers:

Guilford of Maine
Knoll Textiles
Luna Textiles
Carnegie Fabrics

Acoustical Performance

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