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Probase® Sport

Flooring Designed All Types Of Workout Facilities

Probase Sport is our line of sports flooring designed for all workout type facilities including commercial and residential gyms. ProBase Sport offers a number of benefits to your workout, such as increasing your comfort level in order to ensure a safe and injury free experience along with sub-floor and equipment protection.

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Sports Flooring Sizes & Configurations

Our Probase L, XL and XXL offer all of the necessary resilience and toughness to stand up against the abrasive environment of weight training facilities and the associated equipment and activities that take place in that space.  This product can be purchased as interlocking tiles, or in large rolls with a variety of color-spec options available.

ProBase Sport - Large

Standard Tile Dimensions: 24” x 24” x 3/8”

ProBase L sports flooring is a 9 mi & 3/8th thick, durable, slip resistant rubber matte. It is ideal for weight rooms, cardio areas, aerobics or fitness, strength & conditioning, fieldhouses, track, home garages, and other multi-purpose areas. It is shock absorbent and acts as a buffer to protect your floor from dents and divots. It also has an acoustical value to reduce footfall noise. ProBase L is available in interlocking tiles and rolls.

ProBase Sport - XL

Standard Tile Dimensions: 24” x 24” x 1”

Our Probase XL offers all of the necessary resilience and toughness to stand up against the abrasive environment of weight training stations, underneath exercise equipment, and of course free-style aerobics. Durable and aesthetically appealing, our Probase XL will act as a barrier that will protect your subfloors whether it is in a residential or commercial.

ProBase Sport - XXL

Standard Tile Dimensions: 24” x 24” x 2.5”

ProBase Sport XXL 2.5” thick sports flooring is ideal for extreme users such as Olympic motion weight lifters and power lifters. It is our most robust and durable rubber flooring solution and is designed specifically for areas where heavy free weights are used. This flooring is ideal for powerlifting and bodybuilding gyms and is designed for the most serious and demanding users. Amateur Series offers a modest color highlight of 10% fleck tiles 24” x 24” glued or doweled.

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