Sound Quality® Polyester Acoustical Board

Polyester Acoustical Board offers great flexibility in acoustical applications and installations, working as a sound absorption product for wall ceiling and duct applications. It is an environmentally friendly, polyester acoustical panel developed for building interiors and exteriors for acoustics. The product works well for either retrofit or new construction applications.

The Polyester Acoustical Board is a versatile product that can either be attached directly to a ceiling deck or drywall
or suspended similar to a continuous ceiling. It offers a lot of versatility in layout design and easy alignment in a grid system.

• 60% post-consumer polyester-fiber
• 100% recyclable
• Resists mold, mildew & bacteria
• High tackability
• Impact resistant
• Hypoallergenic, dust-free & formaldehyde-free
• Easy to handle & simple to apply

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Polyester Acoustical Board Info

  • NRC Rating .70
  • Panel Size 48" x 96"
  • Panel Thickness: 1 inch
  • Color Options: White
  • Installation Method: Adhesive with mechanical fasteners
  • Fire Rating: Class A fire rated.

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