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MetalTrends® Acoustical Metal Panels

With sound quality being an important factor in the design of today’s interior spaces, it is important that wall and ceiling finishes be selected not only for their architectural and aesthetic features but their acoustical functionality as well.

MetalTrends Products

Tranquility Metal Wall Panels

Tranquility Wall Panels are an easy to install acoustical solution for industrial, institutional and commercial interiors where added sound absorption is desired on wall surfaces.

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Lucidity Metal Ceiling Clouds

Lucidity Metal Ceiling Clouds are a very effective treatment for the reduction of sound in ceiling areas. Ceiling Clouds are often the best choice to add sound absorption to an interior space when wall space is limited or ceiling heights are too low or too cluttered for traditional baffles or banners.

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Serenity Metal Ceiling Tiles

Serenity Metal Ceiling Tiles are a high performing, affordable alternative to builders grade composite lay-in tiles. Our perforated metal lay-in replacement tiles provide a functional, low maintenance ceiling finish providing NRC values superior to many other materials.

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