• Cost-effective solution for problem floors
  • Requires no setting time — flooring can be removed
    and replaced in the same day
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Jumpax® is simple to install and is quicker and easier to use than a traditional smoothing compound or plywood. It is an entirely dry process so it is clean and does not require specially skilled installers. Jumpax requires no setting time and allows the flooring to be removed and replaced in the same day!


  • Instant dry floor leveling of most substrates.
  • Cost-effective solution for problem floors.
  • Exceptionally stable, free floating underlay system.
  • Provides a super smooth surface.
  • Ready for glue-down of all resilients & carpets.
  • Quick and easy to fit and handle.
  • Installing the Jumpax system is easy, clean and dry.
  • Significant contact and airborne noise reduction.
  • Requires no setting time — flooring can be removed and replaced in the same day.

Jumpax is a free floating, dry levelling, sound reducing, time and money saving fast track underlay system. Jumpax is capable of creating a super smooth joint less surface for direct glue down of resilient floor coverings such as linoleum, sheet vinyl, VCT, LVT, vinyl plank, cork floors and PSA backed carpets.

Jumpax underlay is suitable for commercial and residential use. The dual underlayment system consists of a composed based board and a calibrated top board and is the best underlay system in terms of levelling and impact sound reduction.