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Top 5 Noise Control Problems and How to Solve Them

If you’ve stumbled upon this blog, chances are, you’re seeking some peace and quiet. Maybe manufacturing noise is negatively impacting productivity on your shop floor, adjoining offices—or both. Or perhaps, an old HVAC system or abutting tenant is causing attention to wander or tempers to boil. With over 40 years of noise expertise, we can offer the technical support and know-how to remedy most any noise problem. Here, we’ll address the top 5 noise control problems and how to solve them.

1. Reverberation


Reverberation is among the top noise control issues found in interior building spaces. Defined as a prolongation or resonance of sound, reverberation and especially excessive reverberation makes it difficult to hear others around you. Oftentimes, this noise control issue stems from having too many reflective surfaces—think wood or concrete floors or glass conference rooms.

To combat a reverberation problem, we recommend the addition of sound absorptive products to an affected space including acoustical wall panels, ceiling baffles and banners or ceiling clouds. If you’re interested in exploring a product that will have equally effective acoustic and visual impacts, here are two of our newer offerings to consider: Poly-Coustix PET products and WoodTrends wood treatments for ceilings or walls.

While all the aforementioned can help solve a reverberation problem, by understanding the layout of your space and the desired results will help inform product selection. Learn how we helped at The Mansion at Bald Hill in Woodstock, CT in this case study example.

2. Sound Transmission

sound curtains

Sound transmission is defined as the passage of sound from one point to another. Airborne sound can be a concern from room to room or from outdoor to indoor spaces. There are many situations where mitigation of airborne sound is essential, including locations where noise ordinances are especially strict.

When it comes to solving the issue of sound transmission, as with reverberation, we offer an array of products to choose from to combat the issue at hand, or in this case, ear. Some of these options include the following: Sound Quality S-2500 Sound Barrier Wall Panel, Sound Quality Acoustical Ceiling Tiles, Noise Barrier Ceiling Tile Covers, Noise Barrier Composites, EXT Sound Curtains, In-Plant Enclosures, Portable Enclosures and Pipe/Duct Lagging. After a brief information-exchange and understanding of your objectives, we can offer a “sound recommendation” as we did for leaders at The Ford Amphitheater at the Coney Island Boardwalk.

3. Floor to Floor Noise

flooring noise control

Structure borne and impact noise occur from footfall or other objects being dropped on the floor and is amplified when an easy pathway for sound to travel from floor to floor is present. Floor to floor noise can hit hard in any type of building or industry, but hospitality and multi-family homes are among the most prevalent. This type of noise can be disruptive to everyday life and can cause much irritation and stress—but the issue can easily be mitigated with our underlayment offerings, specific to the flooring type it will be laid under. Our Impacta underlayments – Jumpax, Probase, Probase Vinyl, Procurve, Probase Sport, CeraZorb LD, CeraZorb HD, SoundPanel – create a barrier that blocks sound from easily passing through. If you ever resided in an apartment and had issues with an especially loud upstairs tenant, it’s fair to say that your landlord did not take advantage of our product line. Stop the cycle like decision-makers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) did when renovating the W1 building on campus.

4. HVAC Noise

HVAC noise control

HVAC Noise issues stem from sound transmission, which were covered in Noise Control Problem #2. Noise from HVAC systems can be distracting in offices, schools, and other building settings that require more intense concentration. Solving this distraction can increase productivity and decrease stress levels.

Here are some potential solutions: B-10/B-20 acoustical pipe and duct lagging, Industrial pipe and duct wraps, and Alumalag. Don’t just take it from us—learn about how the application of our products benefited the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, AZ.

5. Gymnasium Acoustics

gym soundproofing

Gymnasium Acoustics really stem from reverberation issues which were talked about in Noise Control Problem #1. High and lofty ceilings present the most significant reverberation issues since sound waves have so far to travel, but repeated sounds can also wreak havoc: think sneaker squeak or the repetition of a basketball being dribbled or a racquetball striking a wall during a match. All these types of gymnasium sounds can make it difficult to hear anything distinguishable in these settings unless some acoustical treatment is put in place.

Not to fear, we have solutions to cheer for: Catenary banners, SR-100 Semi-Rigid baffles, R-100 Rigid Baffles, Sound Quality S-4000 High Abuse Wall Panels, Acoustical Concrete Masonry Units (ACMU’s). Some athletic facilities like the Arlen Specter Squash Club have benefited from an array of our offerings.

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