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The Mansion At Bald Hill in WoodStock, Connecticut


The Mansion at Bald Hill is a historic landmark that has taken on a new life as a premier restaurant and elegant Bed and Breakfast residing in the “quiet corner” of Northeastern Connecticut. Mansion at Bald Hill has an exquisite ballroom that is ideal for memorable events including weddings, retirement parties, birthdays and corporate events.

As the ball room began to book up with events, Joe Carlone, proprietor, noticed that there was a noise problem. As events would go on and the night would progress, the noise level in the ballroom would increase until people were all talking louder and louder trying to outdo one another.

Here Joe Carlone had a beautiful ball room with a major echo and reverberation issue. Joe reached out to Sound Seal in hopes that we could provide a solution to his problem.


With elevated ceilings and hard parallel surfaces, Sound Seal recommended a ceiling treatment for his ballroom using our S-2000 fabric wrapped fiberglass panels. As the room only had mid to high frequency noise issues, the panels that were used were 1” thick with a NRC .85 rating but worked especially well on those center frequencies. There was concern from the beginning that anything being added to the room could not distract from the look of the space. It was for this reason, the sound absorbing panels were wrapped in a white Guilford of Maine fabric.

Precise measurements were made of the ceiling so that no panels would need to be field cut. It was important to keep the reveals an equal distance all the way around the panels within each bay of the ceiling. The rotofast anchors were chosen for their ease of installation on ceilings allowing the staff at Bald Hill to install the panels themselves without having to hire a special contractor, this saving some money on the project.


On the first weekend following the installation of the new acoustical panels, Joe Carlone received a text from a wedding planner who had previously used the space. She was texting him to say how fantastic the room sounded. “It was an overnight improvement that you would notice right away, without compromising the aesthetics of the room, which was important to us,” said Joe Carlone

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