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Sound Seal Introduces Sound Quality® Polyester Acoustical Board (PAB) and Theater Board

Polyester Acoustical Board (PAB) offers great flexibility in acoustical applications and installations, working as a sound absorption product for wall ceiling and duct applications. It is an environmentally friendly, polyester acoustical panel developed for building interiors and exteriors. The product works well for either retrofit or new construction applications.

polyester acoustical board

Theater Board is a sound absorptive board that provides excellent acoustic performance by reducing reverberation. Theater Board tiles are made from lightweight, black-dyed acoustic fiberglass board and finished with a matte black fiberglass fabric. Theater Board is an affordable solution to building acoustic ceilings in any residential or commercial space where reverberation or reflected noise is an issue.

acoustical theater board

“We are very excited to continue to expand on our acoustical panel offering,” said Dave Ingersoll, Business Development Manager for Sound Seal. “There are instances where something other than a fabric finished panel is required. With these two new products, we are able to offer environmentally friendly and cost effective alternatives when they are needed.”

About Sound Seal
Since 1978, Sound Seal has been a leading manufacturer of acoustical noise control products, offering the widest product selection in the soundproofing industry with innovative solutions and outstanding customer service. Sound Seal consists of three product divisions: the Industrial Division that addresses in-plant and environmental noise control; the Architectural Division that handles interiors and finishes, including an award winning line of WoodTrends products; and the Impacta Flooring Division that offers floor underlayments. IAC Acoustics, a division of Sound Seal, offers Acoustic metal solutions including HVAC silencers, acoustic louvers, sound control architectural doors and windows and sound proof rooms.

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