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Outdoor Noise Has Met Its Match

With Aerial™ and Vivid™ Exterior Grade Acoustical Products

pickleball noise
Noise Control For Pickleball Courts

Our vibrant and versatile Aerial and Vivid lines of exterior-grade noise barriers and sound curtains is perfect for Pickleball Courts, Tennis Courts, Outdoor Restaurants,  Outdoor Music Venues And More

Read on to find a product to meet your needs…and then, get outdoors!


Make a splash with color

Pool parties just got a little more colorful – and quiet – with the help of Vivid QFA-2”. These sound curtains consist of a durable indoor / outdoor rated facing quilted to both sides of a 2” thick fiberglass batting. Rolls are available 48" wide x 25' long, bound or unbound.

NRC 0.70


Enjoy Private Dining

Sound Quality Aerial Baffles are the perfect solution to reverberation issues for large spaces. Easy to install suspended down from the ceiling via grommets, all are custom-made with a wide variety of finishes and sizes. Choose colors to match your branding, décor or elevate your exterior to the delight of what will soon become repeat customers.

NRC 0.80


Ace Your Opponent and Your Acoustics

Pickleball strikes and sneaker squeaks are no match for Vivid BBC-2”. Offering the benefits of both a noise barrier and a sound absorber in one composite product, these curtain panels are constructed with grommets across the top and exterior-grade Velcro seals along the vertical edges to keep the focus on the match – not noise from game play.

NRC 0.65


Music To Your Ears

Aerial Exterior Baffles and Catenary Banners are ideal for large, open outdoor spaces that require a lot of sound absorption. The baffles are easily installed using integrated grommets, and the banners likewise are easily hung horizontally with grommets or aluminum stiffeners. Both are finished in an exterior grade fabric using TENARA® Thread. Baffles are available in sizes up to 4’ x 10’; banners up to 4 ’x 20’.

NRC 0.70

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