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Manufacturing Acoustic Excellence

East Windsor, Connecticut

The Problem

A key piece of equipment at a New England-based electronics manufacturing company was registering noise output levels over 85 decibels, a measurement that exceeded the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) noise exposure regulations.

To gain OSHA compliance and improve worker safety and comfort, the organization solicited the advice of Vibrasciences, a Branford, Connecticut-based company providing engineered solutions to noise and vibration problems to customers in the Northeast.

The Solution

After assessing the manufacturer’s needs, Vibrasciences’ president, Joe Fattore, solicited the advice of Sound Seal’s project manager / lead estimator, Keith Smith. Together, it was decided that BBC-13 curtains would satisfy the goals of the installation.

Thirteen floor-mounted industrial enclosures were provided, in various sizes and configurations. All included Sound Seal’s standard floor-mounted frame and track hardware, and BBC-13 gray panels. Some were offered with double tracks, enhancing machine access.

The Results

The curtains adequately separated the office from the factory, helping to keep noise levels down overall and within each designated area. The machine enclosures also help to protect the hearing of the machine operators, and overall employee safety.

Satisfied with the results, management has plans to incorporate additional Sound Seal enclosures in the coming year, after new machinery is introduced on the shop floor.


“Once we saw and heard the results, we felt comfortable committing to a future Vibrasciences / Sound Seal project. The quality and ease of installation were exactly as described and as we had hoped. We are confident that the results will be matched in the additional installs we have planned in 2023.”



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