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Gossett Place, Seattle Washington

Gossett Place
Gossett Place is The Low Income Housing Institute’s (LIHI) newest housing facility located in Seattle, Washington. Gossett Place Apartments, asix-story brick-and-panel-board apartment building,will serve as a permanent residence for the Seattle area’s homeless young adults aged 18-25, as well as homeless families, singles, couples and veterans.

Gossett Place, a 15 million dollar LIHI project, provides 62 permanent affordable units in the University District neighborhood of Seattle, Washington.Scope: Gossett Place is a multifamily residential project with vinyl plank flooring throughout.

An underlayment system specially designed for use under resilient vinyl flooring which offers quick and easy installation and resistance to aging and deformation.

Impacta VC300, a tough, resilient acoustic underlay for glue down resilient vinyl flooring.VC300 offers excellent acoustics and long-term performance without collapse or bottoming out under high point loads

Sound Seal
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“I had specified VC-300 on the first two floors to provide impact noise control primarily for the side by side living units, but the contractor forgot to install it.So the vinyl plank flooring was glued directly to the PT slab.Because they did not want to rip out all of the flooring, cabinets, etc., I was hired by the contractor to test the floors as originally installed.The measured AIIC rating was 52 to the unit directly below the tapping machine and 44 to the adjacent unit on the same floor.The rating to the first floor was better because of the suspended gypsum board ceiling.Because of the poor performance, the contractor was directed to remove all of the flooring on the first two floors and install the VC-300 as originally specified.Today I retested the same two living units, and the AIIC rating has increased from 44 to 65.I did not have access to the unit directly below (because it was occupied), but I would expect that the AIIC rating would have jumped up to around 73.It is amazing to me that the normalized impact sound pressure level improvement near 2.5 KHz is nearly 40 dB!This is amazing stuff!!”

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