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Driving Acoustic Change

Irvine, California

The Problem

An electric vehicle manufacturer needed a noise control solution. Their vast, open plant created the perfect environment for echoes and reverberation, much to the dismay of employees, who found the noise pollution to be a distraction and obstruction to completing their daily tasks.

The Solution

Pacific Sound Control, a Sound Seal representative, was contacted to assess the office space and recommend a solution. Project Manager Tim Kruse visited the site, and ascertained that the walls had a complex layout and many obstructions. Custom QFA-10 panels were recommended, detailed drawings were done and panels were fabricated with precision. For an added touch, nickel grommets were used to complement the panels and the facility’s modern décor.

The Results

After the panels were installed, the client remarked that multiple workers commented about a dramatic difference in the acoustics at the facility. Specifically, that there was less slap-back, or reverberation coming off the walls. Suffice to say that this install was equally aesthetically and acoustically effective.


“The client was extremely happy with the overall noise reduction as well as the aesthetics of the installation. This project was a success.”



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