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Sound Seal Provides Distribution Center Noise Control

Conveyance Systems Noise Control | Various Locations

In an effort to comply with OSHA’s hearing conservation requirements, a national distribution center needed to reduce its employee noise exposure significantly. IAC Acoustics was there to help. By installing Moduline Noishield enclosures and Sound Seal noise control blankets (BSC-25), the noise exposure was reduced to a safe level.

IAC Acoustics worked with noise control consultant Robert Anderson Group, Inc. (RA Group) of Lansing, MI, to determine the equipment responsible for elevated sound levels. Conveyance equipment noise averaged between 83 dBA - 88 dBA. Within a 12-hour work shift, these high levels would have required the facility to begin a hearing conservation program. The program would need to include a baseline occupational health assessment, annual exposure testing, and appropriate hearing protection. With over 1500 employees, this was a costly predicament.

IAC Acoustics worked in conjunction with RA Group and distribution ownership to develop a precise plan to lower overall sound levels without disrupting routine maintenance and workflow.

Before installation, IAC measured sound levels. They were re-measured after the installation was complete.

The project goal was to lower average sound levels by 4-6 dBA. Typical reduction from the installation of the Sound Seal BSC-25 was 5-10 dBA and the IAC Moduline enclosure was 12 dBA. I

n addition to the noise control treatment development, IAC Acoustics also provided specific engineering to identify building reaction loads to the structure where the enclosures were to be installed. This was an essential step in ensuring there would be no adverse effects to the building structure.

IAC Acoustics provided a practical turnkey approach to this project. From engineering through installation, the client had a single point of contact throughout the entire process.

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