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Wagner Millwork, Owego NY

Sound Seal Product Quiets Roomful of Buzz Saws


Wagner Millwork, Inc. | Owego, New York

If you’ve ever used a power saw in the basement, your family was probably more irritated with the noise than excited about your creation. Imagine what a saw mill sounds like!

Les Wagner, owner of Wagner Millwork, Inc., in Owego, New York, didn’t have to imagine anything; his compact, efficient sawmill cuts and planes hardwood from raw logs for the furniture industry. After renovating the building, he found that the new walls and ceilings contributed to a significant increase in noise levels. It was a problem that Les and his insurance company wanted resolved for the comfort and safety of his employees.

He turned to his local Sound Seal representative, Bob Andres of Oshex Associates, in Syracuse for help. Together they assessed the problem: the noisiest part of the operation, the actual sawing, could not be isolated because every piece of equipment had to remain accessible to perform that function. Acoustic enclosures were considered impractical. Instead of isolating the noise at the source, they decided to treat the environment.

The customer’s goal of a 5 dB (A) overall noise reduction was exceeded. By virtually eliminating reverberation as a contributing factor, noise levels were reduced by approximately 8 dB (A) throughout the entire mill. Even better, the cost of the project was so low that Les was well satisfied, and well within budget.

In fact, Les was so pleased with the results that he arranged for Bob to speak to his colleagues at the Lake Ontario and Lake Erie Swayers and Filers convention. The contacts made during that meeting have led to more work for Oshex Associates and Sound Seal. Les and his employees now work in a much more comfortable atmosphere. Besides the obvious benefits of increased productivity and a quieter place to work, Les knows that his operation will always be in compliance with OSHA noise standards and there’s a lot of comfort in that!

Sound Seal Sound Absorption Polywrap Baffles are an effective tool to improve room acoustics. The cost, even in large quantities, is affordable to virtually any business. Polywrap Baffles are best utilized in applications where they will not be subjected to abrasion or traffic.

You’ll find more information about this sometimes overlooked, yet highly effective product on Bulletin SS-107. In case you need a reminder, the standard Polywrap Baffle comes in white, 2’ x 4’ x 1-1⁄2” thick with grommets installed for easy hanging. If you have any questions or would like to know more about Bob’s success at Wagner Millwork, give us a call anytime.

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