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Cerazorb LD For Hardwood
acoustic wood floor
Cerazorb LD Diagram

Cerazorb® LD

Low Density (LD) Acoustical Underlayment Designed Specifically For Installation Beneath Engineered Hardwood, Stiff-Core LVT/LVP and Waterproof Floor Applications.

Cerazorb LD offers high energy impact with low weight and will remain unchanged after repeated impact loads. It is made out of hemi-crystalline thermoplastic that will not rot, swell, absorb water and is anti-microbial.

It has been tested and has the performance equal to 1/2” natural cork at a much lower price. Can be bonded to approved sub floors using Impacta T-950 bond coat adhesive.

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  • Up to 25 times lighter than 1/4” backer board
  • “Synthetic cork product” will not rot, support mold & mildew or absorb moisture
  • Lightweight and easy to carry