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CeraZorb For Tile & Stone
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CeraZorb® for Tile & Stone Floors

Cerazorb is a lightweight underlayment system that has been specially designed for floated or glue down wood. Cerazorb offers high energy impact with low weight and will remain unchanged after repeated impact loads.

Cerazorb is an underlayment made out of hemi-crystalline thermoplastic that will not rot, swell, absorb water and is anti-microbial.
Cerazorb has been tested and has the performance equal to 1/2” natural cork at a much lower price. Cerazorb can be bonded to approved sub floors using Impacta T-950 bond coat adhesive


  • Up to 25 times lighter than 1/4" backer board "
  • Synthetic cork product" will not rot, support mold & mildew or absorb moisture
  • Thin profile 3/16" thick, 4' x 4' sheets Lightweight only 28 lbs per box,
  • 25 sheets per box, 400 sf,
  • Credible acoustical and crack suppression
  • Optional Peel & Stick available Passes Robinson test to light commercial rating
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Case Study: Pacifica Honolulu

Pacifica Honolulu is a 46-floor building with 41 residential floors and 5 parking floors. Pacifica was planned with one intention in mind; to create an architecturally innovative and beautifully designed structure that provides intimate and private living space perfect for family and friends. When Global Stone Inc., a company located in Vineyard Utah, needed an acoustic underlayment to install under 18 x 18 porcelain tile, they chose CERAZORB.

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