Case Studies in Acoustic Performance

Management at the Grand Hyatt needed to make a visual impact in two dining rooms and a recreational space; enter Tetrix-Air panels.

Arch Resources, with the help of Sound Seal, can cite another remarkable company achievement: improved acoustics. 

S-2000 Wall Panel
S-2000 Wall Panel

With so much personal information being shared, Lee Bank needed a way to ensure that private conversations remained just that—private.

The Arlen Specter US Squash Center is a 65,000 square-foot-facility on the campus of Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

In an effort to comply with OSHA’s hearing conservation requirements, a national distribution center needed to reduce its employee noise exposure significantly.

Cappella Restaurant Acoustics

With the optics that social media and apps like Yelp have brought to the sharing of overall service and experience feedback, it is critical that restaurants take action and ensure that beyond high quality food, wine and ambiance, acoustics are a high priority consideration when designing the space.

As the Mansion ball room began to book up with events, Joe Carlone, proprietor, noticed that there was a noise problem. As events would go on and the night would progress, the noise level in the ballroom would increase. Joe reached out to Sound Seal in hopes that we could provide a solution to his problem.

acoustical baffles in gym

After living with a gymnasium noise problem for a number of years, the school contacted Sound Seal in search of an answer to this acoustical issue that would fix their problem and keep them on budget.

The New York State Police Academy was originally constructed in 1967 with minimal concern around acoustic performance. The primary goal of this renovation was to use the full knowledge of acoustical design, materials and technology to create a space that users could enjoy for many years into the future.

Sound Seal's Industrial BBC product was used during the The University of Albany water tower rehabilitation project. The tower is located within the Podium of the Uptown campus is a central architectural element to the University Campus.

mit dorm room noise control

W1 building is a 100+ year old building on the MIT campus in Cambridge MA used for student and staff housing. The building has recently been renovated starting with the old interior being completely gutted from top to bottom. Due to the age of the building, the condition of the structural floor/ceiling assembly, the amount of intense floor preparation and the need for a structure-born noise acoustical underlayment system, Jumpax was the perfect fit.

hotel pacifica noise control

The building is situated on a 2.3-acre site with a residential tower along the Kapiolani corridor. Pacifica represents prime urban living that is located near every place residents want to be, with convenient access to everything they love to do.

sound control at perkins school

In every school, HVAC and mechanical systems can create noise issues. The HVAC equipment itself along with the sound of moving air generate noise. Lightweight galvanized HVAC duct and PVC pipe do not block a lot of sound and can disturb the people, in this case students, around it.

airport sound control

Phoenixʼs Sky Harbor airport is no different. It has grown from a regional airport to the fifth busiest airport in the world. That growth has spurred major construction including the addition of Terminal 4, which houses eight concourses in approximately 185,000 square feet.

wagner millwork

Les Wagner, owner of Wagner Millwork, Inc., in Owego, New York, didn’t have to imagine anything; his compact, efficient sawmill cuts and planes hardwood from raw logs for the furniture industry. After renovating the building, he found that the new walls and ceilings contributed to a significant increase in noise levels.

ford plant noise control

Ford Motor Company's policy of creating and maintaining high standards of employee comfort and benefits led to a desire to reduce the noise level exposure for workers in the surrounding area.