Sound Seal Brands

Sound Seal offers the broadest portfolio of noise control solutions in the market today. Our core competency is in the design and development of the highest performing custom solutions to meet your specific needs. Our brands provide application specific noise mitigation that will optimize the acoustics of any space. Here at Sound Seal, we pride ourselves on being an educator and a partner to the acoustic community and its influencers. From footfall noise, to echo and reverberation, we have a solution that will meet and often exceed your expectations.

Markets Served:

  • Higher Academia
  • Municipalities
  • Hospitality
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Sports and Entertainment
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • HVAC
  • Transportation
  • Houses of worship

Acoustical Masonry®

Our acoustical masonry brand manufactures architectural concrete masonry units (ACMUs) that improve sound quality of interior rooms and outdoor environments and provide structure for walls and buildings with inherent performance advantages. Their three-fold performance of structure/absorption/barrier is provided within a single component acoustical wall system.

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Impacta Acoustical Floor Underlayments by Sound Seal are the ideal solution for foot fall or foot step noise between the floor / ceiling assembly. Our underlayments are available in many models and are designed to perform optimally with your top floor selection. Whether it is wood, carpet, vinyl, tile or LVT flooring, Impacta can provide the best solution for sound isolation between the floor covering and the sub floor.

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PET | Polyester Acoustical Products

Our Poly-Coustix line of PET products is the perfect combination of innovative design and quality acoustical performance. With multiple color and configuration options, there are endless creative solutions for your space.

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Sound Curtains®

Sound Seal's Industrial products are designed to treat in plant and exterior noise problems on construction sites, in manufacturing facilities and any other industrial space that requires acoustical treatment. Sound Curtains by Sound Seal includes; Acoustical Curtain Enclosures, Portable Acoustic Screens & Enclosures, Sound Absorbing Baffles, Wall & Ceiling Panels, Flexible noise barriers, Acoustical Pipe & Duct Lagging and Damping Compounds & Sheets. We can help with construction noise, community noise abatement as well as achieving compliance with the 2007 New York City Noise Regulations.

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Sound Quality®

Sound Quality Architectural Products are designed to acoustically treat interior wall and ceiling spaces including; schools, music rooms, universities, churches, offices and any space that has reverberation problems. Sound Quality products include; acoustical wall panels, ceiling tiles, ceiling baffles, acoustic banners, diffusers and noise barriers.

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Our award winning brand of Woodtrends Wood Walls and Ceilings offer aesthetically pleasing finishes along with exceptional acoustic performance. WoodTrends products include panel & planks, wall and ceiling systems and grille systems. They are available in a variety of perforation and laminate finishes.

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