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Kevin’s concern was that the higher noise levels generated by the new Carrier chiller would disturb visitors in the display viewing area. He was also worried that he would lose the effective use of the remaining workshop space--more than 400 square feet. Another consideration was the heat generated by the unit itself.

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One sensitive issue of such a significant project is how construction noise will impact local businesses and residences. Quincy Marketplace, a unique, open-air collection of restaurants, shops and offices, is located adjacent to a section of the project requiring working underneath an overhead highway, while a densely populated residential area is located on the opposite side.

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Like other manufacturers, this plastics producer has a certain amount of waste inherit in the making of a product. Fortunately, they are able to recycle waste. Waste is loaded into a granulator which grinds the plastic into tiny pellets. Eventually these pellets are reused in a finished product. The problem was that no employee wanted to go near the granulator. It was the loudest machine on the shop floor peaking at 110 dB (A).

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Tennessee Gas Pipeline’s mainline compressor station 254 is in the small town of Nassau, New York, located just South of Albany. The station houses five 1400 horsepower compressors. These compressors make it possible for natural gas to flow to thousands of homes throughout New York and New England.

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A New York City based contractor reached out to Sound Seal with the complex and complicated opportunity to solve the noise concerns surrounding this project. The solution proposed had to be lightweight but also carry high acoustical ratings and a Class A flammability rating.

We are pleased to announce that Thomas Heins has been promoted to National Sales Manager. In his new role Thomas will be responsible for overseeing the Architectural and Industrial sales divisions of IAC Acoustics.

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Sound Seal, a leading manufacturer of Noise Control and Sound Quality products serving the industrial, architectural, commercial and construction industries, has been acquired by The Stephens Group.

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Chroma Acoustical Panels are the perfect solution where a traditional fabric finish is not desired. The acoustically transparent, paintable finish blends well with finished drywall to create a space absent of echo and reverberation. Rather than a textured finish of fabric, Chroma panels provide for an understated, more discreet acoustic finish within a space.

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This is the latest addition to our IAC virtual platform. IAC Virtual is a cloud-based design, development and quoting tool that simplifies and streamlines the enclosure quoting process for our valued reps, allowing them to generate and distribute customer quotes at the click of a button.


Built on the concept of creating high performance acoustical products with aesthetic value in mind, the WoodTrends Nano-Perf option is designed to provide the look of a solid wood panel or tile. The perforations are so small, they virtually disappear at a minimal distance.

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Providing a good acoustical environment is critical to the well-being of people occupying interior spaces; especially for rooms having hard-surfaced, highly reflective enclosures.

Sound Seal 40th Anniversary

Since 1978, Sound Seal has been a leading manufacturer of acoustical noise control products, offering the widest product selection in the soundproofing industry with innovative solutions and outstanding customer service.

WoodTrends Linear for Walls & Ceilings features a continuous aesthetic look with parallel straight lines. The system is built on an MDF or chipboard core and the veneer is finished with 2 coats of a UV-polyacrylate lacquer.

Sound Quality Acoustical Resonators are highly effective, low frequency cylindrical ceiling absorbers used to quiet reverberant rooms. These units have an acoustical rating of 8.45 sabins per unit and are available in a wide variety of colors and fabrics.

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This new content rich website is full of product and application information. It contains valuable sales tools in PDF format allowing visitors to download information at the click of a button. This website is also responsive allowing our audience the convenience and ease of use from any tablet or smartphone device

In this key role, Mr. Shahed will oversee all aspects of the IAC business including Sales, Operations, Engineering, New Product Development and Finance.