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Find out how Sound Seal was able to help Dalkia Aegis reduce noise in their new in-house testing area through the use of BBC 13-2 acoustic curtains.

Did you know…that July 18 is World Listening Day? We recognize that while this isn’t necessarily a Hallmark holiday, we’d still encourage you to celebrate, nonetheless.

Studies have shown that children in classrooms in developed countries only understand about 75% of all lectures delivered to them. Stop and think about that for a moment—this means that every 4th word or 25% of all material delivered is missed. The culprit? Reverberation.

Management at the Grand Hyatt needed to make a visual impact in two dining rooms and a recreational space; enter Tetrix-Air panels.

Arch Resources, with the help of Sound Seal, can cite another remarkable company achievement: improved acoustics. 

Comprised of wood-veneered facing and black P.E.T. felt backing made from recycled plastic, Timber-Stix panels are both stylish and sustainable.

Recently capped a nine-month long construction project, nearly doubling its footprint and increasing production capabilities and manufacturing processes available on-site.

S-2000 Wall Panel
S-2000 Wall Panel

With so much personal information being shared, Lee Bank needed a way to ensure that private conversations remained just that—private.

In some respects, it feels like 2021 raced by, but when we take a moment to review and reflect, we realize just how many happenings we can celebrate.

gym noise control

Maybe manufacturing noise is negatively impacting productivity on your shop floor, adjoining offices—or both. Or perhaps, an old HVAC system or abutting tenant is causing attention to wander or tempers to boil.

Don’t go it alone. We’re “hear” for you. In our latest blog, we address the top 5 noise control problems and how to solve them.

The Arlen Specter US Squash Center is a 65,000 square-foot-facility on the campus of Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

BioCore Acoustical Wall Panel
BioCore Acoustical Wall Panel
Oblix Baffle
Oblix Baffle

Sound Seal is pleased to announce the addition of two new products to our Poly-Coustix Contemporary Acoustical Product line. Introducing, Vertex Slim™ and Oblix™

Designed with sustainability in mind, CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES are created by reusing discarded materials and waste. Sound Seal is both proud and excited to be offering this new line of environmentally friendly textiles by Guilford of Maine!

Sound Seal, a leading manufacturer of noise control products serving the industrial, architectural, commercial and construction industries, is pleased to introduce the Portable Acoustic Enclosure.