Noise Control Solutions for Hospitality

With the rise of social media and review apps, it is critical that restaurants, hotels, and event venues place as much importance on food, ambience, and customer service as they do on acoustics.

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Exterior Noise Control

Be A Better Host

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Focus on Your Guests

Improve the ambiance and acoustics in hotels, restaurants, outdoor eateries, breweries or event venues with slight modifications to your space.

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No Reservations

Improved acoustics will help improve Yelp reviews and encourage repeat patronage of your establishment. We can help.

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Elevate Your Decor

Make a great first impression with noise control products that are equally aesthetically pleasing as they are acoustically effective.

Often Used in Hospitality

Aerial Ceiling Baffles - Aerial Baffles

Aerial Ceiling Baffles

Elevate your exterior with our versatile line of exterior-grade baffles, available in 12 vibrant hues. Matching panels also available.

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Acoustical Ceiling Tiles - C-400 Ceiling Tiles

Acoustical Ceiling Tiles

Our C-Series Ceiling Tiles offer both excellent acoustics with customized options to enhance the visual aesthetics.

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Ceiling Clouds

Ceiling Clouds

Acoustic Ceiling Clouds are a prime choice to add sound absorption to an interior space when wall space is limited.

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Ceiling Baffles - Chroma

Ceiling Baffles

Sound Quality Baffles are lightweight, economical, and easy to install. Choose from a variety of sizes, finishes and colors.

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Poly-Coustix - Oblix Baffle


Our Poly-Coustix line of PET products is the perfect combination of innovative design and quality acoustical performance.

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Featured Product:

Inspire Art

Inspire Art Custom Printed Acoustical Wall Panels offer a visually appealing way to resolve reverberant noise problems. Add your logo or custom art on these premium acoustic panels guaranteed to improve the aesthetics and acoustics of your existing space.

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