Noise Control Solutions for Government Municipalities

Private conversations can be held uninterrupted in spaces acoustically treated to minimize echoes and noise transfer between rooms. Our wall and ceiling products have been utilized in courtrooms, conference rooms and more.

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Veto Bad Acoustics

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Keep It Quiet

Noises from outside offices, within the building and in shared workspaces can all cause auditory disturbances.

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Improve Focus

Improved acoustics will help improve worker productivity and satisfaction and keep private conversations just that.

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Elevate Your Decor

Make a great first impression with noise control products that are equally aesthetically pleasing as they are acoustically effective.

Often Used in Government Municipalities

Acoustical Wall Panels - Wall Panels

Acoustical Wall Panels

Wall Panels are perfect for areas that require noise reduction in offices like lobbies, conference rooms and shared workspaces.

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Ceiling Clouds

Ceiling Clouds

Acoustic Ceiling Clouds are a prime choice to add sound absorption to an interior space when wall space is limited.

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Our WoodTrends wood wall and ceiling products pair pleasing finishes with exceptional acoustic performance.

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Room Dividers

Room Dividers

Create privacy and a visual separation of space while providing acoustical benefits and design aesthetics.

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Featured Product:

S-3000 Panel

When sound reflection is necessary to enhance a room’s acoustics, S-3000 Reflective Panels are a sound choice. Install in areas such as auditoriums, concert halls and churches to help improve the acoustics within each.

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