Noise Control Solutions for Commercial Spaces

Noise pollution in offices cuts down on concentration, productivity and employee effectiveness and satisfaction. Acoustically treat interior walls and ceilings to combat noise issues.

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Don’t Work Against Sound

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Keep It Quiet

Noises from outside offices, within the building and in shared workspaces can all cause auditory disturbances.

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Improve Focus

Improved acoustics will help improve worker productivity and satisfaction and keep private conversations just that.

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Elevate Your Decor

Make a great first impression with noise control products that are equally aesthetically pleasing as they are acoustically effective.

Often Used in Commercial Spaces

Acoustical Wall Panels - S-3000 Tackable Wall Panels

Acoustical Wall Panels

Wall Panels are perfect for areas that require noise reduction in offices like lobbies, conference rooms and shared workspaces.

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Poly-Coustix - Oblix Baffle


Our Poly-Coustix line of PET products is the perfect combination of innovative design and quality acoustical performance.

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Acoustical Boards - Board

Acoustical Boards

Polyester Acoustical Board offers great flexibility in applications and installations for wall, ceiling and duct applications.

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Sound Diffusers - S-4200 Absorber/Diffusers

Sound Diffusers

Our Sound Diffusers are perfect for ceilings in office spaces. Choose a white gelcoat or fabric finish.

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Featured Product:

Inspire Art

Inspire Art Custom Printed Acoustical Wall Panels offer a visually appealing way to resolve reverberant noise problems. Add your logo or custom art on these premium acoustic panels guaranteed to improve the aesthetics and acoustics of your existing space.

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