Noise Control Solutions for Broadcasting/Theater

Achieving the perfect acoustical balance in places like television stations and school auditoriums is paramount to delivering the best performance possible. Our acoustic products can elevate plays, lectures, assemblies, musical performances and more.

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Barrel Diffuser
Barrel Diffuser

Lights, Camera, Action

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Better Sound Quality

Hard surfaces reflect sound, so adding acoustic treatment like fabric panels or diffusers can help to control reverb.

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Focus On The Delivery

Acoustic products will help improve speech intelligibility and the overall experience of speeches and events.

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Enhance Aesthetics

What’s being delivered in broadcast or performance is important – but so is the surrounding space and background.

Often Used in Broadcasting/Theater

Acoustical Boards

Acoustical Boards

Polyester Acoustical Board offers great flexibility in applications and installations for wall, ceiling and duct applications.

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Catenary Banners

Sound Diffusers

Our Sound Diffusers are perfect for ceilings in performance and workspaces. Choose a white gelcoat or fabric finish.

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Ceiling Baffles


Our WoodTrends wood wall and ceiling products pair pleasing finishes with exceptional acoustic performance.

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Acoustical Wall Panels

Acoustical Wall Panels

Wall Panels are perfect for areas that require noise reduction in offices like lobbies, auditoriums and workspaces.

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Featured Product:

Black Theater Board

This lightweight, black-dyed acoustic fiberglass board is finished with a matte black fiberglass fabric making it perfect for soundstages, performance venues and more.

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