Room Dividers

Free-flowing and custom designed, each Dividex Panel creates a visual separation of space while providing acoustical benefits. Cut-out patterns allow for light to pass through while still providing privacy. The design possibilities are endless with a wide variety of patterns and colors to choose from.


  • Excellent acoustical performance
  • Lightweight 9mm PET felt construction
  • Class A fire rated per ASTM E-84


  • A choice of standard colors
  • A choice of standard or custom sizes
  • Variety of solid and perforated patterns
  • Panels can be stationary or movable
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Acoustical panels can be suspended or placed within an interior space to act as a room divider. They also can be applied to walls creating a focal point and acoustic treatment.

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Our standard panel size measures 47” x 95”. They can be cut to smaller dimensions if desired.

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Easy Install

Each standard panel weighs a maximum of 10 lbs (less if a perforation is applied). This makes them easy to move and install.

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Acoustical Performance

An NRC of up to .75 can be achieved with our Poly-Coustix Dividex Panels.

Available Product in the Room Divider Line

Dividex Panels

Dividex Panels

  • Our panels effectively divide a space, and add privacy and customization
  • NRC rating: up to .75
  • Fire Rating: Class A per ASTM E-84
  • 9mm thicknesses | 47” x 95”, Smaller custom sizes available
  • Square edges
  • Mounting options: Mounting hardware available upon request (all hardware to be field installed)

Data Sheet

Decibel Examples

When trying to enclose a piece a machinery, most people will know they want it "quieter," but can't put into acoustical terms the end result (or decibel reduction) they want to achieve. With our audio examples, you can actually hear the decibel differences compared to static pink noise.

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Pink Noise

An example of a randomized static pink noise. Pink noise uses deeper sounds and lower sound waves.

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3 dB

Just perceptible. 3dB reduction has a 18% reduction in the perceived volume and yet is just barely perceptible to the human ear.

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6 dB

Noticeable. 6dB reduction has a 34% reduction in the perceived volume and is very noticeable to the human ear.

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10 dB

Double/Halving. 10dB reduction has a 50% reduction in the perceived volume and sounds half as loud to the human ear.

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20 dB

Much more/less. 20dB reduction has a 75% reduction in the perceived volume and most noticeable to the human ear.

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