Wall Panels

Sound Quality® Acoustical Wall Panels by Sound Seal® are the solution for areas that require noise reduction and are available in a variety of models for various applications. Sound Quality Wall Panels can be manufactured in any of the many attractive panel fabrics offered in the industry, check out the links below to see the ones offered by Guilford of Maine & C.F. Stinson. We can also use any factory tested and approved C.O.M.fabric ( See Fabric Selection Guide ). All Sound Quality Wall Panels are manufactured to the highest standards and are available in standard or custom sizes up to 5' x 10'.

Applications for Sound Quality Panels include, schools, offices, airports, churches, restaurants, gymnasiums, prisons, corridors, classrooms, conference rooms, auditoriums or any area where noise is a problem.
Guilford of Maine sample swatches
C.F Stinson sample swatches
S-2000 Standard Wall Panel S-2100 High Impact Wall Panel S-2500 Sound Barrier Wall Panel S-3000 Reflective
Wall Panel
S-3100 Tackable Wall Panel S-4000 High Abuse Wall Panel S-4100 Extreme High Abuse Wall Panel      
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