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WOODTRENDS BASIC                                                                                                                   09510/SOU
& BASIC PLUS                                                                                                                     BuyLine 2123

WOODTRENDS BASIC and                                                              WOODTRENDS CUSTOM
tegular edge lay-in ceiling panels          In addition to six standard wall and ceiling systems, WoodTrends offers unique
designed for use in either a 9/16” or    flexibility for customizing any system to meet the most demanding design criteria.
15/16” T-Grid systems. The BASIC         WoodTrends Custom can include special support systems, precut light and HVAC
panel incorporates a rabbeted edge
detail on all 4 sides. The BASIC PLUS         openings, custom perforations and slot patterns or special stains and finishes.
panels have a square edge with                                                             See Custom Bulletin W104C
matching edge banding on all sides.
The BASIC PLUS also incorporates a
dado on each edge where splines
are installed creating the tegular
edge while having the advantage of
not showing raw MDF edge.
Available in standard sizes of 2’ x 2’,
2’ x 4’ and custom sizes.
See Basic Bulletin W102
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