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Acoustical Lagging is wrapped around the outside of duct or pipe to reduce the radiated noise transmitting through the
walls of the ductwork or piping. It is different from, and often used in conjunction with, a duct liner that is installed inside
a duct to reduce noise exiting from downstream registers and vents.

FEATURES:                                                • Our flexible material bends easily,
   • Reinforced-foil faced mass loaded vinyl               wrapping around ducts and pipes
       noise barrier available in 1 lb. psf & 2 lb. psf
   • Quilted fiberglass decoupler available in            • Allows for easy installation around
       1" thick and 2" thick                               bends, elbows and corners
   • Acoustical ratings STC 27 – STC 34
   • Easy to cut and install                               Outer reinforced-foil jacket
   • Accepts matching lag tape                                 Mass loaded vinyl noise barrier
   • Passes UL-94 and FMVSS 302                                   Quilted fiberglass decoupler
   • Class A flammability rated composite
   • Roll size 54" x 30'                                                       This cutaway view
                                                                               shows the individual
USED FOR WRAPPING:                                                             components of Sound
   • Sheet Metal Ductwork                                                      Seal’s B-10 LAG/QFA-3
   • Valves                                                                    which is a multi-layered
   • VAV Units                                                                 flexible acoustical
   • Heat Exchangers                                                           lagging material
   • Fans / Blowers
   • Iron, Steel, and PVC Piping

   • Foil faced loaded vinyl barrier is 54" wide
   • Quilted fiberglass decoupler:
          • Standard 54" wide
          • Available in 48" width for
              6" built-in overlap
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