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CONSTRUCTION SITE                                CONSTRUCTION SITE
          SOUND CURTAINS                                   SOUND CURTAINS

                    “Most Specified”                                “Most Economic”
                       BBC-13X-2”                                    BBC-EXT-N Style
                                                          BBC-EXT-N Sound Curtain Panels
   BBC-13X-2” Sound Curtain Panels combine           combine a money saving non-reinforced
        the benefits of both a Noise Barrier         noise barrier with a UV and tear resistant
       (Rated in STC) and a Sound Absorber             exterior grade faced quilted fiberglass
           (Rated in NRC) in one product.                             sound absorber.

 This product utilizes a durable, tear resistance  • For use on construction sites
    reinforced noise barrier with a vinyl faced    • 1lb. psf or 2 lb. psf non-reinforced
         quilted fiberglass sound absorber.
                                                     noise barrier
• Class A flammability rated                       • 1”-thick or 2”-thick quilted fiberglass
• 2-inch thick vinyl faced quilted fiberglass
                                                    sound absorber
 absorber                                          • STC values ranging from 27 to 38
• Fabricated with grommets across top and          • NRC values ranging from .70 to .85

 bottom and exterior grade Velcro seams            Typically installed on. . .
 along edges                                             • Chain-link Fences
• Acoustical Ratings: STC 32, NRC .85                    • Double Jersey Barriers

Typically installed on. . .                        Applications. . .
      • Chain-link Fences                                • Commercial & Industrial
      • Wooden support Structures                         Construction
      • Double Jersey Barriers                           • Highway & Bridge Construction
                                                         • Drilling Sites
                                                         • Mass Transit construction


   A specified and approved product                              EXTERIOR
used to comply with the New York City                     SOUND ABSORBERS

           Noise Ordinance Code.                   Add Sound Absorption to. . .
                                                         • Permanent concrete enclosures
                                                         • Temporary Plywood barriers
                                                         • Solid wooden fences

                                                   Typically installed on. . .
                                                         • Concrete wall structures
                                                         • Solid wood Fences

                                                                       QFA-EXT Style
                                                            These Sound absorptive panels
                                                           feature our UV and tear resistant

                                                              exterior grade faced quilted
                                                           fiberglass sound absorber sewn

                                                               with a Gore Tenera thread.

                                                   • 1-inch, 2-inch, or 4-inch thick
                                                   • NRC values ranging from .65 to .95
                                                   • Exterior grade facing on one or both sides
                                                   • Superior UV resistance
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