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proposed design provided no protection           The BBC-13-2” composite gives over-      new enclosure featuring the feed flap,
for the operator when loading the ma-         all noise protection comparable to the      an operator no longer needs hearing
chine. Another disadvantage of the metal      metal enclosure and because of Sound        protection.
enclosure is that access to the machinery     Seal’s extensive fabricating capabilities,
would have been limited.                      the enclosure could be customized to           Sound Seal engineers also overcame
                                              meet every specification of the plastics    the concern the company had about ac-
      Sound Seal applications engineers       manufacturer.                               cess to the machine. The double curtain
offered an enclosure design featuring                                                     track and hardware design allows access
their BBC-13-2” composite material, a              A critical design feature that Sound   at any point in the enclosure. Another key
combination sound absorber and noise          Seal engineers developed was a feed         design feature is the ventilation system.
barrier. The composite is made up of a 1      flap that gave the operator a substantial   Too often, the installation of a roof panel
lb/sq.ft. reinforced loaded vinyl noise bar-  amount of protection when loading the       means sacrificing ventilation for enhanced
rier and 2” thick quilted fiberglass sound    granulator. Prior to the installation of    acoustical performance.
absorber. Typically, a 1” thick absorber is   Sound Seal’s enclosure, the operator
put on the interior of a reinforced barrier.  was subjected to 110 dB(A) of noise at           The idea of “one-stop shopping” at
Because of the extreme conditions in this     close range. Continuous loading of the      Sound Seal also appealed to the plas-
case, Sound Seal engineers utilized the       granulator without hearing protection       tics manufacturer. Many noise control
2” thick material.                            would have been disastrous. With the        companies only sell the materials which
                                                                                          comprise the enclosure. These com-
                                                                                          panies leave it to the customer to find
                                                                                          someone who can provide the structural
                                                                                          framework for the enclosure and handle
                                                                                          the installation. Sound Seal has its own
                                                                                          line of free-standing or suspended struc-
                                                                                          tural support systems, and an installation
                                                                                          team. In fact, this enclosure was installed
                                                                                          in just four hours.

                                                                                              Employee response to the enclosure
                                                                                          has been tremendous. Loading and
                                                                                          running the granulator is no longer the
                                                                                          dreaded task it once was. Consequently,
                                                                                          waste no longer piles up and materials are
                                                                                          quickly recycled. The granulator is finally
                                                                                          the productive machine management
                                                                                          always hoped it would be.

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