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                                                                                                          Case History No. 2


                               Custom feed-flap in open position
                               (left photo) and closed position (right photo)
                               protects operator during loading.

Curtain enclosure constructed      “O.K., we’ll flip for it. Heads I have to  granulator. It was the loudest machine
of BBC-13-2” reduced noise     do it, tails you have to do it.” Sounds like   on the shop floor peaking at 110 dB(A).
levels by 22dB(A).             a conversation between two kids arguing        Finally the noisy granulator became too
                               over who has to take out the trash. But in     much for management to deal with. Com-
                               actuality, it was the type of conversation     plaints from shop employees became
                               that took place for years at a large plastics  more frequent, waste piled up meaning
                               manufacturer in the Northeast until they       that potential raw materials were being
                               called Sound Seal.                             squandered and the threat of an insur-
                                                                              ance claim or an OSHA violation grew
                                    Like other manufacturers, this plas-      every day. Something had to be done
                               tics producer has a certain amount of          quickly.
                               waste inherit in the making of a product.
                               Fortunately, they are able to recycle             Company management figured that the
                               waste. Waste is loaded into a granulator       best way to overcome the problem was
                               which grinds the plastic into tiny pellets.    with some type of acoustical enclosure,
                               Eventually these pellets are reused in a       either metal or one constructed from
                               finished product. The problem was that         composite materials. A metal enclosure
                               no employee wanted to go near the              would help reduce noise levels once the
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