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Impacta Redupax
Impacta Redupax Acoustic underlayment for floated eng hardwood & laminate


Floor Maintenance As for daily cleaning and maintenance.
* Remove dust and sharp dirt regularly with dust wiper and/or vacuum cleaner.
* Remove stains with just a damp (well wringed) cleaning cloth.
* Always avoid the use of excessive water / moisture. Redupax will remain responsible for the performance / consistent quality of their Underlay Systems, as long as they have been installed according to the written instructions and only in situations where the specific Impacta model is meant to be installed. The sound reducing capabilities of the Impacta Underlay Systems have been tested under laboratory conditions and therefore may differ in other situations. floor underlayment for floated laminate and engineered hardwood flooring. Redupax has a thickness of 9 mm and a density of 13 lbs per cubic foot and offers true stability, acoustics and thermal qualities. In addition,

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