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                     A Division of Sound Seal

            50 H.P. Almgren Drive              WHO IS SOUND SEAL?
            Agawam, MA 01001
                    Since 1978, Sound Seal has been a leader in the acoustics field,
            Email:           offering a complete line of soundproofing and noise control
            Tel: 800.569.1294                  products for industrial, architectural, construction, and HVAC
                                               markets. Our product lines include:
            Fax: 413.789.2248                      • Sound Curtains
                                                   • Noise Barriers
            For 3-part specifications on            • Acoustic Pipe and Duct Wraps
            all of our LAG products visit:         • Acoustical Wall Panels
                      • Ceiling Panels
                                                   • Wood Ceilings
                                                   • Wood Wall Panels
                                                   • Acoustical Floor Underlayments
                                               With a wide selection of products for the soundproofing industry,
                                               and sound control solutions for every type of noise problem, our
                                               expert staff is available to advise you about product selection
                                               and installation.

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