Model B-10 LAG/QFA SoundProofing Pipe and Duct Wrap

Sound Seal's Pipe and Duct Wrap Acoustic Insulation is the solution for noise control and Sound proofing of noisy pipes and duct works.  Sound Seal Pipe and Duct Wrap or Lagging consists of a mass loaded noise barrier with reinforced foil facing on one side bonded to a 1" or 2" sound absorbing quilted fiberglass decoupler respectively. Sound Seal's Pipe and Duct Wrap offers excellent thermal and acoustical performance and carries a Class-A Fire rating.  

The sound absorbing quilted fiberglass absorber/decoupler improves the sound proofing performance of the noise barrier as well as to provide sound absorption and thermal insulation around the pipe or ductwork.  Installation of Sound Seal Lagging and Wraps around noisy pipes or ducts can achieve noise reduction up to 20 decibels. Sound Seal Lagging and Wraps are designed to block noise that transmits through the walls of the pipe or as well as to increase the sound absorption in the cavity.  Standard rolls are 54'' wide x 30' long. 

  • STC up to 30, Excellent Noise Control and SoundProofing
  • Use to wrap noisy pipes, ducts, valves, and fan housing
  • Easily installed, 54'' x 30' rolls
    Class A flammability

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