Sound and Noise Control for Libraries


Libraries need maximum absorption including wall surfaces and ceilings. Below are products that may be used in libraries. For specific applications, more information or for the location of a local distributor please call us at 800-569-1294.


s2000 Standard Wall Panel S2000 Standard Wall Panel

Sound Quality® Acoustical Wall Panels by Sound Seal® are the solution for areas that require noise reduction and are available in a variety of models for various applications.

The S-2000 Wall Panel is manufactured to the highest standards and is specifically designed as a multi-purpose absorber panel that offers an economical way to resolve reverberant noise problems. Application for the S-2000 panels includes schools, universities, offices, airports, churches, restaurants and any area where excess reverberation is a problem.

c100 ceiling acoustic ceiling tile

C-100 Ceiling Tile

Sound Quality® C-100 Ceiling Tiles have a 2 mil white pebblegrain facing and is our most economical. C-100 Ceiling Tiles are available in 1" or 2" thickness with standard sizes to fit a 2' x 2' or 2' x 4' lay in ceiling tile grid.

c-2000 ceiling-cloud  C-2000 Ceiling Cloud

Sound Quality® Ceiling Clouds are perfect for the reduction of sound in ceiling areas. They are suspended horizontally with eye hooks (for panels up to 4' x 4') or T-grid attachment. The T-grid may be attached in the field or at the factory before shipment for your convenience.

Ceiling Clouds are available in 1/2", 1", 1 1/2", or 2" thickness with maximum sizes up to 4' x 10'.

WoodTrends Timbre Laminate Acoustic Ceiling Tile


WoodTrends Timbre is a plank style wall or ceiling treatment utilizing a channeled chipboard core with acoustic results depending on the number of channels relieved by grooves. Built on either a 24 mm or 31 mm thick base material with a veneer thickness of .6 mm, it is typically finished with two coats of a uv-polyacrylate lacquer. Plank edges are in overlap configuration to provide a monolithic finished look. Installation is typically by gluing and nailing to furring strips. Timbre Panels are available in 26 standard and 40 custom veneers.

VC 300 Ceiling Tile C-300

Sound Quality® C-300 Ceiling Tiles have a white cloth facing. C-300 Ceiling Tiles are available in 1" or 2" thickness with standard sizes to fit a 2' x 2' or 2' x 4' lay in ceiling tile grid.

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